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Daniel Roebuck Video Games

The Daniel Roebuck Sliding Puzzle

You must download 2 to 3 programs for this to work. They are:

PicPuzzle 3.0
Download time @ 28.8 - 60 seconds
by Tom Hollander
This is a traditional 15-piece sliding puzzle where you have to slide the pieces of a picture into the right order. This program will use any Windows bitmap image as its picture.

DanPak #1 for PicPuzzle
Download time @ 28.8 - 60 seconds
by G. Scott Brunell
This is a pack of five "Daniel Roebuck" related bitmap images for use with the above program.

This is needed to run PicPuzzle. You might already have this on your system, so please check. This will link you to another site to download.

more coming soon!