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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Dan's Character:

Jaron, a Romulan guard

Episode Name:

Unification (Parts 1 & 2)






11/2/1991(Part 1)
11/9/1991(Part 2)

Scott's Comments:

The good new: Dan got to act in some scenes with Leonard Nimoy!!!

The bad news: Dan's lines, they were "Do not move! Come with me!" (so does the guy move or not?).

Another interesting thing that happened because of this show was that Dan was asked to do an autograph signing at a local comic book shop! The shop owner had a nice pencil sketch of Dan, as the Romulan guard, made to hand out (I'll try to get that scanned soon).

Dan and Spock
Dan as a Romulan guard (left side) and Leonard as Spock (right side)