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The Morning Call Newspaper Company
Friday, October 24, 1997
Scott's comments: See "Other" section for more details about this Halloween tape

In September of 1995, representatives of "Entertainment Tonight" enlisted Bethlehem-born actor Daniel Roebuck as a special correspondent to travel across the United States, capturing the Halloween experience for the show's TV audience.

Roebuck, whose films include portrayals of late-night host Jay Leno in "Night Shift" and Tommy Lee Jones' deputy in "The Fugitive" and its upcoming sequel, "U.S. Marshals," is a dedicated fan of the Halloween celebration. He readily agreed and teamed up with sci-fi and horror film producer Chuck Williams and film archivist/Halloween expert Bob Burns to create the "ET" segment, which aired in October 1995.

In 1996, the trio decided to expand on the idea and took their cameras on the road again, filming haunted houses, Halloween parades (including Bethlehem's) and monster movie conventions. They interviewed ghoulish celebrities and relatives of the masters of the genre including Robert (Freddy Krueger) Englund, Alice Cooper, Boris Karloff's daughter Sarah, Lon Chaney Sr.'s great-grandson Ron, Doug "Pinhead" Bradley and Angus "Phantasm" Scrimm.

The result is "Halloween: The Happy Haunting of America," (Chuck Williams Productions and Whiz Bang Entertainment; 50 minutes; $19.95).