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The Morning Call Newspaper Company
by Geoff Gehman, The Morning Call
Friday, January 18, 1985
Scott's comments: The movie "Primal Urge" that this article referes to was later released as "Cavegirl"

Dan Roebuck finally is exposing more than his stomach or face.

The Bethlehem native last year moved to California to work as an actor. He found employment but not the type you add to a resume.

His stomach was highlighted in a few episodes of ''The Master,'' a short- lived chop-and-sock series starring veteran heavy Lee Van Cleef. And he made several token appearances on ''General Hospital'' - ''in the background at cocktail parties, the back of my head, on and off before you know it, that sort of thing.''

Roebuck's latest role is much meatier. He currently is filming ''Primal Urge,'' scheduled for release in April. The 21-year-old Hollywood resident stars as a high-school loner who trips back in time, where he falls for a cave girl and falls in with her tribe.

Roebuck describes the movie as a ''low'' comedy full of slapstick, definitely for the 17 to 21 set. Director David Oliver, who directed the flashy, exuberant opening credits of ''Footloose,'' is refraining from turning it into a ''big cartoon,'' he reports.

A familiar amateur theater actor and occasional playwright and director, Roebuck landed his first feature role without an agent. He spent most of his time at the summit of a 4,000-foot mountain in Walker Basin, Calif., whose chilling weather he did not appreciate.

''I didn't touch ground for four weeks,'' he says. ''I kissed it when I did.''