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Dan's Role:

A Hispanic janitor who is in fact God


Steambath is a play about the afterlife, which, according to the author, is really a steambath, ran by a Hispanic janitor who is in fact God.


Guthsville 2, Allentown, PA.



Directed by:

George Miller

Scott's Comments:

This show caused a small stir locally because it featured some nudity including a "topless" four-year-old girl (the daughter of one of the actresses). For the record, Dan or I did NOT appear nude.
Also, though Dan and I worked on many plays together, this show was one of only two that I had the honor of acting together in with him. (See Construction for the other one).

A scene from Steambath
Here is a photo from Guthsville 2's production of Steambath. Dan is on the right side I am on the left side.