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Rocky Horror Picture Show, The


Now it can be told!
20 years ago, right after I first met Dan, we started going to see Rocky Horror at the Lehigh Valley Mall Theater in Whitehall. This became quite a regular weekend thing for us. We first started to show up dressed in coats & tails like the "party guests/Timewarppers". Then, because of his interest in theater makeup, Dan started to go as "Riff Raff", bald head, hunchback and all. I started to dress up as "Brad Majors".
Soon we met and befriended other people showing up as "Frank N. Furter" and "Columbia". At this time Dan was approched by the manager of the movie theater and asked if we were interested in making a float for the upcomming area Halloween parades. Since the theater would sponsor us and pay for supplies who could turn the offer down?
So we got a bunch of friends together and actually won second place in Bethlehem's parade! Since we were now a complete costumed group, and we heard that other theaters across the country had people performing in front of the movie screen, we started too.
The "Lehigh Valley Rocky Horror Players" had been born. I hear that they still perform today even though I have not had a chance to see the movie in the last sixteen years.


1979 (started)