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Dan's Character:

Joseph Bekins




Drama, Suspense


Joseph Bekins (DANIEL ROEBUCK), a brilliant scientist about to reveal a profound medical discovery, sleeps soundly in his hotel room as a silent intruder enters. Smothering Joseph's frantic cries for help with his pillow, the intruder injects him with an untraceable chemical compound, killing him instantly. Determined to be death by natural causes, the hotel room is cleaned, the linen scrubbed and the pillow stored on a shelf in the closet. No one suspects a thing.
Three months later, Joseph's widow, Kelly (TRACI LORDS), and their six year-old son, Matt, check into the same hotel room, drawn by their need to seek some resolution to a love they cannot let go. As young Matt sleeps on the same pillow that suppressed his father's cries, disturbing images flood his dreams. Days pass and the clarity of Moffs visions increases; he seems to dream through his fathers eyes, leading him towards a shocking truth. Kelly's only consolation comes from Joseph's colleague and best friend Michael (ANDREW HECKLER), a man who has also harbored a long unspoken love for her. Meanwhile, Bubba (TONY TODD), a hotel employee, covertly keeps watch over Matt and his mother.
As Matt's clairvoyant dreams continue, he pulls away from everyone close to him, acting out in strange ways, often speaking in words that could only come from his father. Kelly and Michael take Matt to see Dr. Kessler (KAREN BLACK). Yet even under hypnosis, the final answer to these otherworldly warnings does not surface. It does become clear however, that Matt has learned more from his visions than he is telling. Before long Kelly and Matt's lives are in jeopardy as well, as the murderer returns, searching for a computer disk containing Joseph's formulas. Trusting his father's words, Matt is the only one that can save his mother and prevent his father's humane work from falling into the wrong hands.


Darko Suvac


Traci Lords
Andrew Heckler
Daniel Roebuck
Tony Todd
Karen Black


LOS ANGELES, CA 90046-2432
TEL: (213) 654-4000 FAX: (213) 650-6400



Scott's Comments:

Dan filmed his first "Love" scene in this movie.

Daniel Roebuck, Tracy Lords and thier movie 'son'
Daniel Roebuck , Tracy Lords and thier movie 'son'